The Fog

Picture 23

It was extremely foggy driving into work the other morning.  I had to drive much slower since visibility was almost zero.  I felt myself slowing down in the uncertain areas and speeding up in the more familiar ones.  Headlights and traffic lights couldn’t be seen until you were almost on top of them.  As I pulled into the steel plant where I work, the sun began to peek through.  I knew the fog would dissipate quickly now.   Heading towards my office, on the road that runs parallel to the Detroit River, the fog began to clear and I could see the crazy walleye fishermen in their boats along the shoreline, Canada directly across the river, the Renaissance Center in the distance and the road in front of me lined with piles of scrap metal and steel rolls.  Pulling into my parking spot, it suddenly dawned on me how my drive into work was a great analogy of how (at least in my life) God calls me to trust Him, especially through the tough times.

Let’s face it – most of the time we aren’t given a blueprint on how the circumstances in our lives will play out.  Where He is calling us to go – What He is calling us to do.  I’m lucky if I even know in which direction I should take that first step. To be honest, I feel pretty clueless much of the time.  But through years of following Him, closely and not so closely, one thing I’ve realized is, even if you aren’t sure of the direction, God just asks for movement.  One step in the fog.  He will clear the way a bit for the next step.  And then the next step.  Slower through the uncertain areas, a bit faster through the familiar ones.  Drawing closer to Him, it gets brighter. The fog lifts and the Son shines.   In that Light, you may still find some ugly scrap piles but then again, you may just find that amazing view of the Detroit skyline that you love so much.

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