Death and Life

Life and Death. Bookends.  The space in between a blip.  Especially so as I grow older.  I attended my aunt’s funeral last week.  She was in her mid-80’s,  joyful and fairly healthy up to the day she passed away in her sleep.  Pretty perfect, right? And yet, still so much sadness and regret.  Regardless of how long we live, it is never long enough.

That same weekend I spent the day with my grandbabies.   (How is it even possible that I’m a grandmother?  There’s that “blip” thing again.) They are different ages, pretty much stair steps.  The day consisted of ice cream mustaches, muddy feet, donuts and bees.  Mermaids and princesses, laughter, joy and some tears.  Every moment a memory in the making.  Have you ever been so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that you almost couldn’t breathe?  When I looked at those dirty feet and sweet faces, that was me.

As I watched them I thought about my Aunt Goldie.  I wondered if she had felt – even at 85 – as if it had only been a blink since she was playing in the mud, eating ice cream, holding her grandma’s hand.  My guess would be like it was yesterday.

Grab every opportunity to make a memory.  Love Big.  And don’t be afraid to get muddy.


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